Walk with me awhile
and we will climb this track into the hills;
these are the foothills not the mountains,
so the climb is gentle; 
look back and see the plains and towns we left behind,
look on towards the wooded summits,
and feel them stretch their arms around us 
in their comfortable wildness.

Walk with me
and let me show you trace of deer and boar and badger; 
how the silence slowly thickens with the pressing of the forest;
that a world exists beyond our path, 
completely self-contained 
not heeding our incursion; 
and then the opening of a meadow 
and orchids, white and yellow, waking from their slumber.

Walk with me, 
entirely being you, 
and if you feel me just beside you, do not turn, 
for seeing me you lose me, rather, look ahead as I am, 
so we have a sense each of the other 
in our walking and our looking and our being who we are 
together in this moment, 
each step just containing this.

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