What is love?  Its essence is in the love of a mother for her child.  All other loves aspire to this but none can reach it, for it is without self or sentiment.  It is what christianity saw as the fundamental quality of god, but a patriarchal society meant that god would be male.  It shares the I-
Thou of the mystic of hasidism.  It knows the moment when meditation transcends self.  As an essence it contains nothing.  It is only being.

You can hear it in the harmonics of a deep-toned bell;  you can see it in the stillness of a mountain lake blue with the unclouded sky;  you can sense it in the space that unites the clusters of atoms which form us;  you can feel it as a warmth in the depth of your being.

Note:  Martin Buber revived the jewish mystical cult of hasidism and wrote I and Thou

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